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About URSP






    The history of URS Pililla.
History of URS Pililla


     The University of Rizal System Pililla is one of the leading external campuses of the University that provides quality education and training to the youth of Pililla and its neighboring towns. 

     Its existence was conceived because of the growing request from the residents of the Municipality of Pililla to have their own college institution that could offer affordable and quality education and would primarily cater to the needs of high school graduates of Pililla.  This was realized when Rizal College of Agriculture and Technology (RCAT) Pililla Campus formally opened on May 22, 1991 through the efforts of Hon Mayor Nicomedes F. Patenia, Dr. Heracleo D. Lagrada, the then President of RCAT and Prof Apolinario F. Masinsin, the first designated Campus Director.  With the approval of the mayor, the old municipal building was used as the first school site for almost four years.

From  State College to State University

     The institution started with six (6) faculty members who handled the pioneer students.  It offered four courses namely:  Diploma in Agricultural Technology (DAT), Bachelor of Arts (AB), Bachelor of Science (BS) and Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd).  It was on December 19, 1995 when the college was transferred to its real site in Sitio Dampol, Brgy. Bagumbayan, Pililla, Rizal.

      The dream of the administration, faculty, staff and students together with the community for the College to be further elevated was also realized.  Effective January 21, 1995, it was renamed Rizal State College (RSC) through Republic Act 7858.  By virtue of Republic Act 9157 effective August 11, 2001, Rizal State College and Rizal Polytechnic College were merged to become University of Rizal System (URS) with URS Pililla remaining as one of its Campuses.  Subsequently, Dr. Ricardo A. Wagan was designated as the first Officer-In-Charge while the search for the new University President was in progress.  After a few weeks, he was replaced by Atty. Lilia S. Garcia who was designated Transition President by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).  On December 18, 2002, Dr. Olivia F. De Leon was officially sworn into office as the First President of the University of Rizal System.

Inside URS Pililla

     Following the change of leadership in the University level was the change of leadership in the campus level.  While the search for new Directors of the eight campuses was in progress, Mr. Joseph V. Costales, the erthswhile Research Coordinator, was designated Campus Coordinator of URS Pililla effective January 2, 2003 to temporarily take charge of the operation of the campus.  On June 16, 2003 Dr. Gloria P. Sarabia officially assumed office as the new Campus Director.

     Yearly, there is a marked increase in the number of faculty and staff members to cater to the increasing number of students.  It has also grown into five institutes namely:  Institute of Arts and Sciences (IAS), Institute of Cooperatives, Economics and Management (ICEM), Institute of Education and Home Technology (IEHT), Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), and Institute of Graduate School. 

     Due to continuing developments, these institutes have now evolved into College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH) with Prof. Apolinario F. Masinsin as the Dean, Institute of Business and Commerce (IBC) headed by Mrs. Rica A. Hilao, Institute of Science and Education (ISEd) headed by Mrs. Ma. Hayde C. Ceballos, Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) headed by Engr. Jesus Romeo L. Desoloc and the Institute of Graduate Studies headed by the Campus Director, Dr. Fe D. Batoon. 




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