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    The history of URS Pililla.



Another Feather On the Cap!

           Thus the reality that surf need us once more, the University of Rizal System Pililla was chosen among the diverse universities and state colleges in the country to be the venue for the 32nd annual Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP) interaction with Local Youth last July 28.

            It can be remembered that URSP was the same school which catered to this National Youth Commission (NYC) sponsored activity last year. This underscores the aim of training the Filipino delegates to adapt to the variety of cultures of the Southeast Asian region and to uphold the solidarity of Filipino youth before they will be sent abroad.

            NYC has chosen the 28 smart participants from all over the Philippines sponsored by the Japanese government, they were trained basically to speak in English and spent ten days at Villa Lorenza Resort Pililla, Rizal for team-building activities. These delegates will have left the country to embark on a two-month voyage to the 11 participating countries in the region where they will interact with the youth of each country they will dock.

            It was for that purpose that an interaction with Local Youth has been staged in URSP.   During the activity, 28 students from URSP mingled with the SSEAYP delegates and shared their personalities and strengths.

            A mural painting highlighted the activity which had “Youth Participation and their Role in the Society” for its theme. The ten paintings were shared by the school and SSEAYP to be brought on board.


           Once there was a lifeless and useless creek here in URS Pililla. And now it is striving to life, thanks to our very diligent campus guard, Mr. Jonel P. Matela

            Everyone was delighted and awe-strucked by the great change in our creek which is adjacent to the pathway leading to the Institute of Science and Education. Many of us see this little ditch as a sore in the eyes especially when education students have to hitch their skirts and trousers when eater overflows from it due to heavy rain. But now it’s filled with Tilapia fingerlings.

            “Putting 2000 Tilapia fingerlings and 20 pieces bigheads would give the creek a useful part of the campus, and it would be delightful to see shoal of fish whenever one passes by it.”, Mr. Matela said. He even appeals to the bystanders to avoid throwing plastic wrappers because most fishes are suffocated. The creek turned fish pond will do a help on upgrading the vicinity of our beloved campus, the effort and resourcefulness Mr. Matela showed will continuously give inspirations to those people whom needed only belief.

















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